HPSU Founders Forum helps you grow your business rapidly through:

  • Building a strong network of other founders with the same goals. 

  • Understanding your sweet spot customers and how to differentiate from competition.

  • Gaining an appreciation of how to grow your international sales.

  • Learn how to generate and manage cash to position your company for growth.

  • Creating a strong team capable of accelerating your company’s growth

HPSU Founders Forum runs over 2 years with a combination of high quality masterclasses, breakfast clinics, an on-line founder’s network and facilitated group sessions.

HPSU Founders Forum is facilitated by Select Strategies in partnership with Enterprise Ireland. More information about Select Strategies can be found at their website.

Upcoming dates

Our next Founders Forum event takes place on 27th June where the topic will be Funding & Finance

Also a reminder that the Founder of the Year awards take place on the evening of 26th June - all Founders welcome


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